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Wilsong Border Collies -  Glory
Wilsong Border Collie Rowdy
Julee & Shanghai - Wilsong Border Collies
TinkerBell wins in Kentucky KTBCC Regional Specialty for 5 point Major!!!! UPDATE: TinkerBell/Grizzly's daughter (Flirt) now "CH Wilsong Perfect Little Companion" We are so proud of our girls !!!

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Glory Wilsong Border Collie
Wilsong Border Collies - Braeyden
Glory standing at 1 yr old - wilsong border collies

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Wilsong Border Collies - TinkerBell
we do not export to asia - wilsong border collies
Wilsong Kennels
We are a small Border Collie Kennel in Robert, Louisiana USA dedicated to the select
breeding of champion AKC Border Collies for
showing, agility, working and other
performance venues. We have dogs competing in
obedience, rally, fly ball, tracking,
weight pulling, dock diving, freestyle and frisbee. Border Collies can do it all & often excel
at it. Our goal is this. "
We strive to improve the Border Collie through meticulous breeding for
excellent health, conformation, working/herding ability, athleticism and temperament."
Our Border Collies come from the best Australian show champion bloodlines.
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Shanghai by the pond - Wilsong Border Collies
border collie puppies for sale
In her first trip back into the show ring since
winning at the KTBCC Specialty, Tinker finished
her AKC championship.  
TINKER WAS RANKED at the top as No. 1 in the
Class Dog  Rankings. (Bitch) 2009

Julee is our "Barbie Collie"
That's what she is known as at
herding classes. But, don't let her
looks fool you. She has beauty &
brains. She loves to herd & is a
more of Julee click the link below.

This is my boy "Braeyden. " He is truly a Mama's
boy. At Wilsong you can find him swimming in the
pond, playing outside but his favorite place to be
in the whole world is- on  the couch next to me.
To see more of him click his link below.
Wilsong Border Collies - Julee
Where do
we show ?
Braeyden & Shanghai - wilsong border collies
George - Wilsong Border Collies
beautiful border collies -wilsong border collies gif
wilsong call to glory
Wilsong Border Collies - Tinker at BCSA Nationals 2008
WB in Specialty with 29 entries for 5 points
WB & Best of Opposite over Specials for 4 points
We are so PROUD of our little TINK
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Wilsong Border Collies
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beautiful border collie shanghai
Sportingfield It's Magic at Wilsong Border Collies
Izzy / Ziggy's son
Proud member of the BCSA
TinkerBell & Grizzly Champion Daughter
border collie health
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Wilsong support BC Rescue
Click for Border Collie Rescue or
call me 985 542 2039
Wilsong Border collies -  Braeyden 10 mos old
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border collie puppies for sale
Izzy Wilsong Border Collie
Bred for Quality - Raised with Love
border collies on facebook
border collie puppies for sale
border collie puppies for sale
border collie puppies for sale
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Hot Shot Reignmaker  - Braeyden moving - wilsong border collies
Sportingfield It's Magic at Wilsong Border Collies
Wilsong has over 150 videos on youtube
Wilsong has over 150 videos on youtube
Wilsong has over 150 video on youtube
beautiful boder collie puppies for sale
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