Wilsong Kennels

A Border Collie Kennel dedicated to the select breeding of AKC Champion Border Collies for
showing, agility, obedience, herding and other performance venues.
We strive to improve the Border Collie through meticulous breeding for
excellent  health, conformation, working/herding ability, athleticism and temperament.
Our Border Collies come from the best Australian show champion bloodlines
As  you visit the different pages on my site, you will undoubtedly notice the Music.
All my life
Music has played a big part. When I planned this site I took this into
consideration. And when I selected our kennel name I deliberately included
"song" in it to reflect this. I hope you enjoy your visit to my site, the pictures, the
stories and the
Music. And I hope you come back often to visit.           
About Us

We are a small kennel  located on 5+ acres in
Robert,Louisiana USA.

Although new to Border Collies, we are not new in the dog world. We started
showing in the 70's. For more than 15 years we raised St Bernard Dogs along
with our 2 children. Later we had Champion
AKC Chow Chows and
Dachshunds. But, my  first love has always been Border Collies. My
grandfather had them on his dairy farm in Kentucky.
I remember seeing them when I was little. He gave my brother & I  a
beautiful  Australian red  girl  and we had to give her up because, the City
(New Orleans) was not a place for a working dog. I vowed one day I would
have my Border Collie. And  now  we have a family of them.They have filled
the void in my life. When we are not on the road
Conformation showing, we
are busy training in Obedience & finding time to do a little herding.
"AKC Border Collies Bred for Show,  Performance & Companions"
Parksville Ky Me & my Uncle Melvin and
one of my grandfather's Border Collies
On Dairy Farm in Ky with my Uncle Melvin &
Uncle Tom with one of my grandfather's
Border Collie. He was a Australian Red.  
My first Border Collie" Laddie "
Early photos of Border Collies
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Parksville Ky 1949 my uncles & me
Ervin Wilson's Farm  Parksville Ky in 1949
Laddie in White Castle, La.
grandfather's old dairy barn Paris ky
Parksville, Ky  - The old dairy barn on the hill.
border collie puppies for sale
best border collie breeder
Parksville, Ky  - The old dairy barn on the hill
as it stands today 2016.
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