Boogie & Judy 1
Boogie & Judy 2
Boogie & Judy 3
Boogie & Gayla
Boogie & Benny
Mississippi State Kennel Club  May 22, 1977 Jackson Mississippi
Under Judge J. D. Jones  Boogie received his 2nd Best of Breed
note: this was the next day, several shows were not all held at one site, like today.
We had to pack up & go after every show.
My first venture into the Dog Showing World  was with my St Bernards.  
For about 15 years we were involved with raising, breeding & showing this
wonderful breed. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for them.

This is "BOOGIE" Pawprince Constitution  Here are a  few Old Show Pictures of our boy.
They bring back great memories of showing back in the late 70's.
Mississippi Coast Kennel Club May 21, 1977 show was held in outside in
airplane hangar in Biloxi  Miss.This was Boogie's first Best of Breed
The Judge was Robert H Slay
Houston Kennel Club October 16, 1977 Houston Texas
We took 1st Place and Reserve Winners to a Big Major
Judging was Mr Derek Rayne
Corpus Christi Kennel Club February 18, 1978 Corpus Christi Texas
Winners Dog & Best of Winners under Judge J T Bennett.
Handling Boogie was our good friend & co-breeder Gayla Prince.
Galveston Kennel Club March 18, 1978  Galveston Texas
Boogie winning a Major under Judge Kathryn Tagliaferri
Handling Boogie was our friend, Bennie Prince his co-breeder.
This is Dee Dee, Boogie's daughter. She was out of one of my first
litters of Show St Bernards. My kennel name was MON AMI. French
for "My Friend." A very dear friend of my mother had a rough Collie
named Mon Ami and my Mom loved the name.
In my Mom's honor, I named my kennel.
Dee Dee was bred one time. She had a difficult delivery and only 2
pups survived. Due to a lack of communication, the Vet spayed her
without my consent. This ended her show career. And after
Boogie's death, I lost interest in showing. Her 2 sons were never
shown. Dee Dee lived to the ripe old age of 13 years old. She was
quite a girl. Even after all these years, I still  miss her dearly.
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