Titles & Achievements
We started showing, training & raising purebred dogs in 1969.  Here are
some of the certificates of our dogs over the years. Due to a couple of storms
& our moving, a   few of the earlier ones have been misplaced.Obedience,
Conformation & Herding are the venues we are involved in currently.  
American Kennel Club
Border Collie Society of America
AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificates

We are proud to announce that Shanghai, Julee, Glory, Rowdy, Braeyden &
TinkerBell have all successfully tested & passed their Canine Good Citizen Tests
Heidi was my first St Bernard. After an incident where the neighborhood children had teased her, I    
learned how to train my own dog. Her & I had some great times together. We won a lot of obedience
shows so I decided to show her in conformation, I soon realized, she was not a show dog. The other
dogs looked a lot different than my St Bernard. But because of her, I was bitten by the show bug.
This was my first award from the AKC. It was with my dear Heidi. She was a pet quality dog but,  to
me she was the most
beautiful, loving and loyal St Bernard in the world.
was in the show ring . It was at the Houston Astro shows. He was being shown by
Because his owner had litter brothers, she sent Bravo out with a handler. The handler
was told to show him & find him a good show home.  I watch at ringside and remarked
number 1 dog at the time. She told me he was a Wing son and he was for sale. I
smiled. Ummh maybe :-) I just had to convince my husband I needed a new dog.
"Bravo" won back to back 5 point majors that weekend. And after a lot of talking and

Shanghai was my first AKC Border Collie and my first Border Collie Champion!! I am
proud to say he was Owner- Handled. My husband made me so nervous, I made him
leave the building when I showed. He never got to see me show Shanghai.
Julee was 7 months old when she received her herding instinct certificate through the BCSA. At 9
months old she was tested  by 2 different AKC herding judges to receive this certificate.A herding
judge (Jim New) word to me were "She is a natural, now what are you going to do??"  Julee is
responsible for getting us into the herding arena.

From the first day our eyes met, I knew that TinkerBell and I were going to be soul
mates. I will never forget the day I picked her up from Florida, it was on my birthday.
Now she is my constant companion. Never out of my site. At her first dogs shows
she proved to be a clown in the ring but, after she matured a little, she came through
like a trooper. She is one of the most loving, loyal dogs that I own.

Note: Tinker finished her AKC Championships on another special day, my
grandson's birthday.
Julee is my brown eyed girl. She is so full of life. She is bright, intelligent and she
is a great dog. Because of a urinary disorder, she never was bred . She loves
puppies and she has been a surrogate mother to all the puppies here at Wilsong,
a role she loves. One of her favorite past times, other a nanny, is herding sheep.  

Braeyden is my sweet boy. He is so much a Mamma's boy. His favorite place to be
is with me on the den sofa. He is strikingly handsome and finished his AKC
Championship with ease. Braeyden missed his calling, he should have been a
water dog or spaniel. He loves the water and it is hard to keep him out of the pond.
He swims all the time. I nicked named him " Mark Spitz. "

Glory is the dog I did not want. From the pictures Heidi sent me, Glory was the one that I did
not like. She was small, not evenly marked and the others were so much nicer. I wanted
Whisper (perfectly marked) or Cherokee ( with a beautiful head). But my husband fell in love
with Glory as soon as he saw her in Michigan. I am glad he did. She is one of the most
balanced dogs I own. She is the perfect package. Her structure is flawless. She moves like a
dream. She is a happy,  whimsical dog. She loves to play and she has proved herself in the
show ring. I would not trade her for the world.  
wilsong Border Collie - Bravo
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