photos of
Below is a closeup of some of the turtles. We have 13
adults and 3 very young ones..

These are the "dry land turtles" that close their shell tightly when
danger threatens. Box turtles are well adapted for a terrestrial life.

Box Turtles are kept more frequently as pets than any other turtles.
Most adapt themselves readily to captivity, requiring only a back
yard or a box of dirt for digging and a shallow pan of water for an
occasional soaking. They are omnivorous, and are fond of fruits,
berries, and raw hamburger. Many people feed them table scraps.
Ages of 30 and 40 years are common, and a few may reach the
century mark.
This is one of the male Box Turtles here. Notice the
colorful head and the eye color.
They are very sociable & often gather together in the pool.
Here is an adult turtle ready to dive in the pool.
Box turtles are a land turtle by nature, but love to swim.
Box turtles are vegetarians. Two of the favorite foods of our
turtles are tomatoes &  strawberries. They like bright colors.

Their eye color may ranges from black to reddish brown.  Yellowish
lines radiate from the center of the scutes, similar to the Florida box
turtle.  The plastron also has radiating lines on a  light brown
background.  The head and legs have yellow spots and the back
feet have 4 toes.  Often the males and females have the same eye
coloring, with the iris of the males reddish and the females are a
dark yellow.  They are grassland box turtles, preferring open fields
and short grass prairies.  
The ornate box turtle is found in Indiana and Wisconsin to Louisiana
and west of the Mississippi River.
Facts about the Ornate Box Turtle
These are some  photos of our pet Box Turtles.
We built a habitat a few years ago and have
enjoyed watching them live and grow.
Green Turtles (Red Sliders)
These are two green turtles I have.
The pictures were taken with my
old camera and are not as clear as
I would like them to be. They are
in an inside aquarium.
These turtles are very slow growing.
They are known to live a long time.
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