Wilsong Border Collies gif
Borderfame Choc Chill - Wilsong Border Collies file 01
Borderfame Choc Chill showing - Wilsong Border Collies file 02
DAD  - Ch Borderfame Choc Chill
Wilsong Border Collies gif
Borderfame Magic Journey showing  - Wilsong Border Collies file 03
Borderfame Magic Journey - Wilsong Border Collies file 03
MOM  - Ch Borderfame Magic Journey
Libby -Wilsong Border Collies file 05
Rowdy & Glory's Littermates
Sadie -Wilsong Border Collies file 06
Hot Shot Come Play with Me
owned by Cindy Kononovich  
Owned by Mark, Dena, Stefanie & Jeff
Charm - Wilsong Border Collies file 07
Jackie with Cherokee & Heidi - Wilsong Border Collies file 08
Hot Shot Cherokee Dancer
Owned by Jacqueline M. Thompson
Ch Hot Shot Ewe've Been Charmed
Co-Owned by Jill Beaton
Owned by Afton Hoch
Ch Hot Shot Magic Chill
Owned by Bob & Liz Slunaker
The Hot Shot Gang - wilsong Border Collies file 15
Here is a fun shot of all our guys at the Ky Cluster 2007
As you can see we had quite a time getting them all together for this photo.
From left to right. Jackie has Charm & Cherokee, Liz has Whisper,
Bob has Rowdy & I have Glory.
Jill & Merl had the cameras & were trying to capture this Kodak moment.
Bob & Jackie showing Ky 2007 - Wilsong Border Collies file 16
Kentucky 2007  -    Bob with Whisper & Jackie with Cherokee
Dash - Wilsong Border Collies file 17
Ch Hot Shot Storm Chaser "Dash"
Ch Hot Shot Calm Before the Storm x Ch Borderfame Magic Journey
Braeyden being a Whiz son & a Sprint Grandson.
Dash was a  wonderful example excellent
breeding. Beautiful, intelligent and a very loving
temperament. He lavished everyone with kisses.
NOTE: If you own a Border Collie that is a kin to Rowdy, Glory or Braeyden Contact
Four Little Hot Shots on their first day with their new families  
Jackie  & Cherokee Wilsong Border Collies file 10
Cherokee - wilsong Border Collies file 11
Liz & Whisper - Wilsong Border Collies file 12
Merl & Glory - WIlsong Border Collies file 13
Glory & Rowdy - Wilsong Border Collies file 14
Cherokee &  Jackie
Whisper & Liz
Merl with
Glory & Rowdy
Glory & Rowdy
Click Photo to enlarge
Abby -Wilsong Border Collies file 18

Ch North Wind's Just Believe HIC  
Abby is a lovely Sprint Granddaughter. She is owned
by Casey Carney of North Wind Kennels in northern
Michigan. Casey calls her, her "Snow Princess."  
Click photo to enlarge
NOTE: Hot Shot Dogs featured in the side show
Braeyden, Wendy, Cherokee, Whisper, Blue.  
Abby -Wilsong Border Collies file 19
Abby - Wilsong Border Collies file 20
Whisper - Wilsong Border Collies file 09
The Gang - Wilsong Border Collies file 21
Here are the girls again in Kentucky -  2009
They are from L to R
Whisper - Cherokee - Glory - Charm
All of them are now AKC Champions.
NEW updated photo at the bottom of this page!!
"AKC Border Collies Bred for Show,  Performance & Companions"