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Introducing "The Wish Litter"
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Wilsong Purvis Little Miss Perfect
Glentress Captain of OR Trail

Meet Donovan, he's a handsome well built
traditionally marked black & white boy. He is a big
boy with nice bone and a large head. He loves to
play and has the taken his good looks from his Dad,
Captain. Donovan is a very balanced proportionate
dog. It will be fun to watch him mature.
Linda Lu is a beautiful girl that is a dark sable like
her Mom. She's has a large head, is perfectly
marked with a large white collar. Her blaze on her
face goes all the way back to her collar. She's a big
girl and always seems to be in the middle of all the
antics going on in the yard. A lot of Missy in her.  
Note: Linda Lu has 1 blue eye
Well, Missy did it again, She has another beautiful black
tri son. This is
Travis. Traditionally marked and has the
striking clear markings of a Tri. He has a large white
collar, nice bone and a beautiful face  
He has big shoes to fill with two half brother that are black
tris. Both Rex and Cajun have matured to beautiful &
talented boys. Travis is a leader . He has a independent
mind.Loves loves loves to frolic with his littermates.  
Here's my "Little D, Delilah." I gave her a delicate
name because she reminded me of a delicate
beautiful flower. Delilah is a choocolate & white
girl. The smallest in the litter. She's marked
traditionally with a perfect lovely sweet face.  Her
front legs are chocolate all the way down to her
white paws. She is as cute as can be.
This beautiful boy is a chocolate Tri His name is Rusty.
His  color is awesome. He is perfectly marked with a
large white collar. He too has the white blaze that goes
to his collar, like Captain. This is our first
Chocolate Tri
here at Wilsong.Rusty is playful at times but has his
quite moments too.    
Meet Suzie Q ,our black & white traditionally
marked girl. She is friendly, playful and full of pep
and like the others, she's marked nice. Has lots of
bone, well balanced and put together well. She's
will be a nice size girl.   
Meet the sire of this awesome litter, Captain.
He's a Australian Import. A big beautiful boy who
loves to hug and has smooth movement, nice
head, plenty of bone and is an all around delight
to have as a member of our Kennel. To own a  
puppy out of Captain is truly an honor.
Captain has been checked by Embark and has
been declared free from over 300 diseases &
undesirable traits.    
Here is My Missy, a third generation from my
Tinkerbell. Missy is a dark mahogany seal &
white girl with personality plus. She loves
everyone, especially her pups. Missy is
sometimes called Missy Moo because she woo
woos like she's saying "I Love (wove ) You
(Wou)" Every puppy in this litter is unique.
different color, different personalities.  
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